Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well as some of you know i love playing guitar but i never had my own guitar, i've just been using my sisters. I offered to buy it off her and she was like NO, but she jsut resently got back from her traveling and i was telling her about my plan to move my money around so i would be able to buy a nice guitar i was looking at.... AAANNDD all of a sudden she had a mind change and just GAVE me the guitar!!! and well i had been praying for the funds and or other ways to get a guitar for a while now and that was just pretty sweet, so yea .. just wanted to blog since i hadn't in a while
well i haven't blogged in a long long time since i've been writing everything in my note book if oyu want to see some of my work well it's getting more into music form heres the link!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you let it, it will happen

There are moments in our lives
That shape who we are
Events that make things click in

Passion could be created
Bonds tied tighter
Or wedges pushed between best of friends
Trust becoming an issue
Misconstrued actions pierce like the longest daggers

As life continues hurts can heal
If oppertunities are taken
The daggers get pulled out
Maybe forgiveness towards the offender

Through the pain and healing
The true friends are shown
Relationships are formed.
With whom?
With the people who will walk with you,
Through the thick and the thin.

a piece i wrote in writing class

Sunday, February 15, 2009

woo haven't posted in a while so time for a mixer upper post!

Saturday! - WEll it was valentines day!!!! and i would have blogged yesterday but i was tired ... :) well yea, i went and picked up Sam from the mall yesterday because she was shopping with her mom. I brought a boquet of yellow roses for her (you can see them at www.sam--middleton.blogspot.com ) and it was funny cause i came around the corner just as she walked out the door so that kinda worked out really well :P and there was some people standing around the door and a few of the girls were all .. "AWEEE" it was kinda funny. We then proceded to union street grill for lunch (since we couldn't go out for dinner cause of the church rehearsals for coemdy night.. more about htat in a bit) lunch was very good minus the weird salad Sam got .. lol but we did our little card exchange and Sam got me an amazing ring! and a glass cubic *describes further with a pic that will show up in a while* but it has an engraved picture of jesus on the cross on the inside .. it's super sweet! but yea then we went for a walk around the airpark before we had to go to the church, which was great because since we have pretty busy lives with school grad stuff and church/youth and work we don't get much time to just be with each other. After all that we headed on over to hte church and we worked on skits and practise and that general stuff!....

Sunday! - well i got tto the church at about 9:20 for the service to get ready to be on hte good ole' camera! we then had a little wendy's for lunch and long story short we ended up back at the church to practise all our skits for about 4 hours! by the end of the practise i was getting so everything was pretty funny ... (i was pretty darn tired) we to say the least the comedy night went off with out a hitch, and a BIIIIIIGGGG thanks to every one who bought tickets since the proceeds go on over to our mexico team! and the support from the pastoral team and all he encouragement and commplements will not go forgotten. it was just such a blessing i love you all!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well i can't really say much about it cause it would take away from how awesome it was lol. there was no words to express how it was to see around 4000 youth just worshiping and lifting up their hands to God. It was a phenominal few days learning from some of the big names in portland hearing from P. Doug Lasi, JUDAH SMITH!!!, Donna Lasit, Asim Trent, Poncho Lauder, everything they said was great and had such great oppertunity to apply it to my life. and through all this i got to thinking, why is it so easy to worship in a room of 4000 kids but when we are alone or with some of our friends that aren't saved we hold back or we just don't tell them about God we have to be the ones to raise the bar. because the amount of youth there is about 80% of the comox valley`s youth... so one question is .....what is stopping us? what is stopping us from getting that many youth here together in the valley to just praise God. so i challenge you to take the big step and go and just talk to your friends about God what is there to loose? you might get a weird look, ooooo nooo. All im saying is that we need to start living like we have something to live for.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fan the flames of our hearts
Cause our opressors to run
Flee for your lives
Have your way in our lives
Lord come like a rushing wind
Pour out your spirit oh God

Let your glory fall
We stand here
And how can we not be moved
Find the lost
Heal the sick
This generation rising up
To full fill your plan
Our hearts stir

We fall to our knees
Our hearts break,
For what breaks yours
Run as we might
But you're right behind us
Waiting for us to realise
Your love, Your love
Injustice is rampant
Bother us, oh God
Kids being sold,
For the pleasure of the wicked

Slaves of this century
Never to be set free
So poor, unable to even
Afford names for the children
Bother us, oh God

Aids epidemic
Destroying families
Bother us, oh God
Give us wisdom

Not even water to drink
Nor do they have food
Oh God
Bother us!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

weekend for conquerers

Well first of all i would like to say that this weekend, well pretty much rocked me. i really needed this since I've been feeling pretty dry lately and i really needed a filling up.

Fill me up

How did I end up like this
So empty, so dry
I need your touch
The words you know I need to hear
Fill me up, fill me up

Teach me to listen
To dig deeper than the surface
Give me passion, give me dreams
Show me these things

It's you who's there
When I want to run
To run and hide
When it's so tough
You break me down and
Fill me up, you fill me up

When you speak
Just to remind me that I'm your son
Just to say your proud of what I've done
To reassure my mind

Broke down my walls
Shattered my chains
Set me free from this pain
So full of the spirit
You've brought me back
I've been filled, God you filled me up

This whole weekend was just such a trip from the first night i knew it was going to be powerful and God was going to be right there the whole time. The first pre-service prayer i could tell that his presence was going to be so tangible. As i was praying i could tell that I was already getting filled. The first session was great, Kristina did such a great job!... (thanks again for coming all the way from California for us!) She spoke about being amoung the few and the faithfull that would be there and respond to God when ever he was speaking.

The next morning I was just sitting there with my bible and i just opened it to John 19, where it's going through Jesus' crucifiction, and God was just telling me that these people didn't want to go out side their comfort zones or outside their single mindedness to just believe that this was the messiah that would save their world. And as he is telling me this it was just starting to rock me and put a burden on my heart for the people who dont believe just because it just seems like such an outrageous claim that a man could be the son of God.


They sought what they hated
What their deceit had shown
Not wanting to believe
Not wanting to break their "law"
Only one goal
Blinders on only one thing in sight,
"The blood will not be on me,
I'll hand him to you" said the one who knew
The man they were looking at
But they never saw
Hung on that tree
Nails in hand for you and me
Blood spilled that was so pure
Every prophecy fulfilled
Not a bone broken to rise again
In three days come

After i wrote that and had this scripture fresh in my mind Jason walked over and just asked what i was thinking and what would i preach to a group of a thousand if i had to right now..(also a funny coincidence which you will find out later) and i said i would preach about the heart of God for the lost and the ones that don't understand and don't want to believe because of what people will think or what people will do.
Later on in the second session Kristina talked about the Transforming Encounter, and how to deal with our sin through repentance, and the gifts of the holy spirit. Then during worship Sandra Naswel had a word about having visions and how we have to take hold of them, and about life callings and such. Right after that we had a time to just talk with God while hte band played The revelation song, so i sat in the back on a couch not thinking anything big was a bout to happen. But as soon as i said "God what is the calling you have placed on my life" pretty much instantly he said ...."you're going to be a pastor" it hit me like a ton of bricks cause i never saw myself as doing stuff like that since i never have really like public speaking (this is what ties into what Jason said the day before :p )
That night the always amazing Saturday night session was on the transforming encounter and hte time to be changed. and how we were formed for a purpose, that we are God's masterpiece. And how the holy spirit is pretty freekin awesome!!!! so after we had our session it was the ....dun dun "MINISTRY TIME" which is always so phenominal with the holy spirit think like butter in the room people got baptised in the holy spirit, God changed my heart andi know he worked in so many people that night, and i had many a good thing spoken over me, and well frankly I can't put it into words so I'm just going to continue. This morning when we got all our stuff packed and ready to go we got into the main room and i just opened my bible and it opened to Matthew 24 i think it was where it was talking about the reserection of Jesus which i think was some what of a "coincidence" that at the begining of the weekend i read about the crucifiction and now I read about the rise from the grave...

Only One To Defeat Death

For three days you were down
Just as you had said
The one and only
To conquer death
Only you

You knew the road you were on
Headed to save the earth
Worlds pain on your shoulders
Every chance to call on the angels

Rose again for all of mankind
To give hope and joy
Even some still doubted the scars
The one messiah
Only you

Accending to heaven
Leaving us down here to live
Live a life for you
Shine the justice and truth

After the whole pre-service prayer we had a last and final session about the Enduring Encounter, and it was pretty much amazing. well there is so much i left out but i dont want this to be like 7847857278 pages long and im kinda getting tired of typing lol so well i hop that was enough info for now :P and it was a freekin amazing weekend ... oh and i am the CHAMPION OF WII BOXING WOOOOO *flex*

Sunday, January 4, 2009

wont be posting much in the next bit

Sorry to those who pop in to check if i have writen anything, i wont be posting for the next month probably unless i writing something really phenominal ! :P i am getting bogged down with school work and need to pick up my grades and study for exxams so i will be blogging at some point just not now :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Leave Me Alone

This love so strong
For God and you.
The deciever is lurking
Behind the corner
Tring to twist thoughts.
I close my eyes and he is there
To put doubt in my heart
To lie, To steal
In the name of Jesus
Leave me alone!
Because these pessimistic thoughts
Are not my own.
God cause I know you love me
And so does she.
But there's a battle in my head
Thats almost won.
As I step on Satan
He cries out...
"Your nothing, and she hates you"
But I reply....
"All you do is lie,
So why should I beleive you,
Now get out and die!"